The Disability Leaders of Tomorrow Project (D-LoT)  was developed under the D-Lot Project with the generous support of


D-LoT online training course offers participants with the key aspects on how to be the drivers of a successful change in the disability service provision sector. WHO D-LoT training course is addressed to front line-managers, administrators employed in service provider organisations, academics & researches cooperating with support service providers or social entrepreneurs wishing to setup or already having established services for persons with disabilities. WHAT D-LoT training course contains 10 training modules covering the most important learning outcomes for managerial personnel in the service providers to persons with disabilities. This training will help you to: 1. Gain awareness on the shifting landscape of service delivery for persons with disabilities 2. Further develop your knowledge on innovative (management) models, evidence-based best practices and latest trends on service provision for persons with disabilities 3. Develop innovative thinking, which would help you to communicate better, solve problems faster and align your services and support 4. Ensure the sustainable improvement of your organisation through strengthened effectiveness and efficiency of your work  DLoT HUB Home Pages - infographics  2  HOW 1. ACCESS D-LoT training course is a self-paced online training accessible 24 hours a day using your D-LoT HUB profile login information. 2. FOLLOWING THE TRAINING MODULES The 10 training modules are organised in a way to build up your knowledge and understanding. It's recommended that you follow them one after another. Each module contains multimedia training materials and an interactive quiz to test your understanding. The platform also allows for tracking your progress through the course. Once the course is completed, you will receive your D-LoT training course certificate. 3. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR PEERS This is not an instructor-led course. However, you can use the forum to communicate with other D-LoT training users and you can also contact D-LoT training course coordinator  Let's get started!