Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union CISCOS logo The logo for CUDVA DRAGA is green, with the image of a frog. The logo for DFI has an italic font with dark blue and green surrounding it in a rectangle.  A beautiful logo of a green outlined old styled shiphand in hand foundation logo is words with a simple design of colourful stick people Lunds Kommun logo is simple fonts design with a crest of a red castle wearing a golden crown to the left  ZPE logo has blue capital letter, surrounded by a curved rectangle and a U shape above the word that turns into arrows HTR logo is blue with two people, both blue and pink raising their arms in celebration to the left Partner Pangia logo is is a renaissance  style paining of a mother holding a child, in a blue circle logo.


Connecting inclusive social planning, community development and service provision for persons with disabilities. 

CISCOS is an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance that addresses challenges for innovation faced by relevant actors of the disability service provision sector. 

The CISCOS project will develop a cross-border and multidisciplinary teaching and training concept for staff qualification of service providers and local governments together with academic training of university students. The alliance will also facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge between higher education institutions and service providers on how to fully embrace the inclusion paradigm.