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New skills for customized accessible tourism


Welcome to the Newscat online training course! In this course we will assist you to learn the basics of Accessible Tourism and introduce you to the skills of Customized Accessible Tourism. At the end of this course you will be ready to further develop your knowledge and start putting into practice what you have learnt in your daily work, as a tourism services provider.


WHO can use these materials?

You will find this course interesting if you:

- work in a restaurant, in a hotel, in a seaside or other resort

- are a tourist entrepreneur

-want to start your own business in tourism

- are a student of tourism management or hospitality

- you work for a tourist board, or in a local tourist destination management organisation


WHAT will you find here?

During this course we will first tell you about the history of the accessibility movement and the concept of “tourism for all”, how it has been supported by local, European and world institutions. We will talk about the accessible tourism market and trends and the supply chain. This last aspect is very important as you are probably already working in one of the sectors of tourism, and you will have to better understand your relations with the other suppliers who cooperate with you to give the best quality experience to your customers. Then we will go into depth, presenting what are the different kinds of disabilities, the specific requirements they have when travelling, which material conditions favour accessibility, and how to best communicate.

We will also present a number of good practices. You will learn how to collect information on the accessibility conditions of your venue/service, how you can effectively present the information to let your clients decide whether your offer suits them or not, and how you can even help to improve your offer.

Finally, we will give you some instruments which may help if you want to start your own accessible tourism business.



This course was created as part of the EU-funded Erasmus+ Project “NEWSCAT, New Skills for customized accessible tourism”.  A European project aiming at improving skills and competence of tourist guides, professionals and local policy makers to deal with needs and demands of clients with disabilities


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