Welcome to the ‘To Inclusive education and BEYOND’ (BEYOND) training course! This course will raise awareness and empower participants to support the transition towards inclusive educational settings.

Why go BEYOND?

The OECD states that almost one-fifth of students may develop a special educational need during their schooling years. At this moment in time, schools across Europe are ill-equipped to embrace the diverse range of learners’ support needs. This situation has been reflected in Eurostat’s "Disability Statistics," which underlines that people with disabilities leave school earlier and are twice as likely to be NEETs. 

With these trends in mind, inclusive education needs to be a founding principle of any education system, to enable all children, regardless of their support needs, to flourish and fulfil their full potential. Despite the large amount of International and European legislation supporting the right all children have to an inclusive education the realisation of fully inclusive education systems is yet to happen across Europe.

The BEYOND training course aims to promote accessible education for all children, regardless of their special educational needs, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, language or socio-economic background.

Is this course for you?  

This course is aimed at those working in social services in the field of education and special schools.

What will you learn?

In order to facilitate effective change for inclusive education and BEYOND, this course has taken inspiration from the ‘Index for Inclusion’ and its three dimensions.  

This course therefore works via a triple strategy:Index for Inclusion triangle with three dimensions of practice, culture and policy

  • To promote inclusive cultures.

Having a positive attitude towards diversity and valuing it as a strength is an important condition for inclusion. 

  • To support the evolution of inclusive practices.

 To be inclusive, educational practice should meet the learning needs, styles and talents of all learners. Universal Design for Learning and Co-teaching are important for enabling inclusive practices.

  • To facilitate the production of inclusive policies.

Inclusive policies complete our framework. This dimension refers to the continuous change process within schools and BEYOND.  

Based on this framework the BEYOND training course will test and expand your knowledge and promote the acquisition of key competences across these three dimensions, including:

  1. Inclusion awareness.
  2. Universal Design for Learning.
  3. Co-Teaching.
  4. Managing change towards inclusion.
  5. Act together to evolve in inclusive education.
  6. A person-centred approach.


The BEYOND course is composed of 5 separate books covering the following topics:

  • Book 1 - Concepts of Inclusion.
  • Book 2A - The Concepts of Universal Design for Learning and Growth Mindset.
  • Book 2B - Co-teaching in Inclusive Settings.
  • Book 3 - Strategic Planning and Change Management.
  • Book 4 - Developing a Partnership to "Act Together" in the Move Towards Inclusive Education.
  • Book 5 – A Practical Model of Transition: Person-centred Planning.

Together these books form a 5-day course that can be taken online at the participants' own pace.

  • To build your knowledge and understanding it is recommended to follow each book one after each other.
  • Each module starts and ends with a competence-based test, to check your ability to apply knowledge, skills and certain attitudes.
  • The platform will allow you to track your progress through the course.
  • Each book contains multimedia materials and interactive activities to increase and test your understanding.
  • After successful completion of each module, you will receive a certificate..

Communicate with your peers

  • This is not an instructor-led course.
  • Use this forum to communicate with other BEYOND participants.Erasmus+ disclaimer
  • You can also contact a D-Lot training course coordinator.