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Improving Access to Mainstream Sports for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

TeamUp! is an Erasmus + Sport project which aims to promote social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport by improving access to sport for persons with intellectual disabilities in mainstream structures.

Raising awareness, training activities and community building processes are therefore needed to stop discrimination and stigma that persons with disabilities face in the sports sector and facilitate their access to mainstream sport.

The TeamUp! project will develop a training pack for sports professionals to support the creation of an inclusive sports environment that will lead to an increase of access to mainstream sports for persons with intellectual disabilities.

Visit the project webpage here.

The training course is available in English and Croatian. Romanian and Spanish versions are coming soon.



EASPD, coordinator of the Team Up! projectExperienta Multisport, partner of the Team Up! projectFundacio Espurna, partner of the Team Up! projectHealth Life Academy, partner of the Team Up! projectUniversity of Thessaly, partner of the Team Up! project