This course prepares you to take the European Care CertificateThe European Care Certificate (ECC) is a Europe-wide qualification that has been developed to cover the basic knowledge that is required for an individual to work in a health and social care setting. The ECC is aimed at trainers, employers, and staff in the sector.

The ECC was developed by the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities in partnership with organisations active in the social sector from 17 European countries. 

The ECC is based on the rights, inclusion, choice and independence of people with disabilities and supports the human rights model of care provision. It follows the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), which has been endorsed by the European Union as a whole.

A man helping a woman with a walker

The ECC Certificate tests and verifies that a worker has covered the Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes (BESCLO) which are recognised across the ECC partner countries. In this way, the ECC establishes a comparable base for knowledge of entry level care staff across Europe and provides an accessible and transferable certificate for workers and employers. This will make it easier for workers to find jobs in the care sector in your country and in other countries of the European Union. 

This online course was developed to prepare you for taking the ECC exam. It provides information, resources, and assessments for those preparing to take the exam. It also includes sample questions that may be similar to those that appear in the exam. It includes materials such as worksheets, checklists, and manuals that can be downloaded and printed for offline preparation. 

A woman helping a blind man read braille

If you are doing this course through your work, consult with your line manager on how to take the ECC exam. If you are doing it independently, go to the ECC website to receive more information about the ECC exam and how to take it in your country. If you require more information, you can also email