The Disability Leaders of Tomorrow (D-LoT) HUB is a place for learning, sharing and networking. It provides tools, learning materials, advice and guidance about how to develop and sustain high quality support services for persons with disabilities.

The HUB is developed as part of the D-LoT Project. It contains three separate spaces:

On-line training platform:

On-line training platform: web-based training courses on different relevant topics for disability service provision 

In the On-line training platform you'll be able to access our training courses. 

Here you'll find two different types of courses: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) that are open and available for anyone that wishes to follow them; and restricted courses that are meant to be used by the users with specific access to those courses. 

Our courses will be focused on topics related to disability service provision and will be constantly updated.  


AGORA: A professional-oriented social networking site for interaction between key stakeholders

AGORA is an online "assembly" space to discuss topics of interest for service providers for persons with disabilities. Here you can browse through the different categories and interact with key stakeholders

In this space you'll find forums and chats to start discussions on: 
  • EASPD's Standing Committees
  • EASPD's Interest Groups
  • EASPD's Conferences
  • Policy Impact Group
  • Projects
  • Others

Knowledge Centre: 

Knowledge Center: Online database of theoretical and practical materials and resources

The D-Lot Knowledge Center contains a selection of materials and resources such as articles, research and scientific publications, models of good practice, legislation and policy documents. It is structured following the key themes for disability service providers: 

  • Horizontal Issues, among which are:
    • European/International legal and policy frameworks
    • Quality of Services
    • Funding of Services
    • Users' Involvement
  • Employment
  • Inclusive Education
  • Early Intervention
  • Inclusive Living
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusive Arts

The Center has been designed to serve as a reference point of information for professionals from the disability service provision sector, but also to service users and their families, disabled persons organisations and authorities.

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