Zhaneta Georgieva

Ilina Cholakova

Educational background:

Master of Economics

Master degree of Business Administration


National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO)

Agency for Social Development Vision - member of NASO


Head Coordinator of Agency for Social Development Vision – member of NASO

Coordinator of a Centre for Social Services

Type of services provided by the organisation:

The first Bulgarian organisation to became a member of the (EASPD) in 2002 which provides long-term activities aiming to introduce new models and alternative forms of social support for people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups through a variety of social services. These services aim at developing their abilities, skills, talents, intellectual and job potential. The social support and services are provided in a community-based and friendly environment which encourages the participation of persons with disabilities in all stages of service creation and implementation.

Field of expertise:

Coordination of all activities and services in Vision Agency; Management and control of the teams in the Agency; Organisation of forums, conferences and international events

Social assistant for children with special educational needs studying in mainstream schools and kindergartens. The social service combines activities built on partnerships among social workers, social assistants, teachers and professionals, both from the social and the educational system.

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